The Electrical and Energy Specialists


Our expertise and experience in designing and installing energy saving systems--anywhere from lighting to building automation systems--allows our customers to save on their utility bills as well as lowering the impact of our environment. | Read More


Our lighting design team has specialized in integrating energy efficient lighting with the latest lighting controls technology. We have an install team that has extensive experience at installing advanced lighting systems. | Read More


We have a special division dedicated to low voltage lighting and temperature controls. The controls division provides our customers with the opportunity to monitor and control energy usage. We put you in the driver's seat. | Read More


Our Electrical contracting division has a team of experienced licensed electricians. We supply a quality install on projects of all sizes. | Read More


Pricing in Solar array systems have decreased by 50% since 2008. By installing a solar PV system, our customers can produce a self-sustaining facility. We provide, install, and design systems of all sizes. Produce your own energy and never pay an electric bill again. | Read More

Our goal at Hadley Energy Solutions is to provide a cleaner and more cost-effective way to receive energy for our customers.

We want to inform the public on how to preserve our environment, while at the same time saving their hard earned income. Our mission is to provide a quality product to our customers all across North America and use the earnings to provide alternative energy systems for people in less fortunate areas all around the world. We are striving to have every light bulb that turns on to be powered by a clean energy source.