Our goal at Hadley Energy Solutions is to provide a cleaner and more cost-effective way to receive energy for our customers. Our mission is to provide quality products and services to our customers across North America and use the earnings to provide alternative energy systems for people in less fortunate areas all around the world. We are striving to have every light bulb that turns on to be powered by a clean energy source. We form relationships with our customers and partnerships with fellow companies, because our definition of success is to be the most trusted name in the industry, not the most profitable. Our approach is unorthodox but proven to be the best.



Our President, Rodney Hadley, began as a commercial and industrial electrician. He started into the trade following in his father’s footsteps. Inspired by his father’s success, he joined the trade. Early in his electrical career, he was involved in his first solar installation. He learned that his passion for the environment, and his knowledge in the electrical field could both be used in the solar energy field. He set out to learn more about the positive effects that energy management systems have on our economy and our environment.

After earning his master electrician license and receiving his Commercial Energy Audit Certification, he decided it was time to pursue his dream. He earned his contractor’s license and began combining his electrical contracting knowledge with his knowledge of energy efficiency products, as well as the alternative energy technology. Now the company is capable of providing, designing, and installing all aspects of energy efficiency, alternative energy, and energy management systems. After establishing our company in the electrical contracting and energy management industry, we have since specialized in low voltage lighting controls, temperature controls, lighting retrofitting, and energy evaluations.


Areas of Expertise

We have a broad range of expertise. Our employees are educated in several different areas so we can be your single source, whether it be installing or distributing our products. We are an industrial and commercial electrical contractor. In addition to distributing and installing alternative energy products, we also perform energy efficiency consulting to teach our customers how to lower emissions and save money.

We also offer utility bill evaluations to ensure customers are being properly charged on their utility bills. Several different brands are available for installation for a variety of different companies in temperature controls, building automation, fiber optics, telephone, and data. We have traveled across the country, and there is no project too large or too small.