Solar Energy Systems is the fastest growing department in the construction industry. With the rising prices of energy and the falling prices of alternative energy, it has become more and more relevant. Just over the last ten years, technological advances have made solar the largest of all the alternative energy options. It is more efficient, safer, and more cost effective than it has ever been. We are expecting this trend to continue and actually increase over the next decade. There are a lot of unknown positives and negatives when considering purchasing a Solar Energy System, so let’s go over a few of them.


Positives of Solar Energy

Let’s start off with a few of the positives, such as helping our environment. Solar Energy produces zero emissions into the environment. Most systems have zero moving parts, which prevents any harm to birds or insects. It actually creates cover and sometimes homes for wildlife. Another positive is property value. When you purchase a Solar Energy System and have it installed properly by a licensed installer, you have automatically improved the value of your property and can extend the life of your roof. With the solar panels taking all the direct contact with the elements, your roof does not receive direct exposure. Another positive is reliability. Some people will list this as a negative due to a fluctuating return. We believe with a properly-sized system, you can predict a fairly accurate return on your system.

Solar systems are reliable, in the sense that as long as the sun keeps coming up, you will keep receiving a return; and we will never run out of sunlight. Another positive is owning your own energy. A lot of the products that we use to produce energy are imported from foreign countries. Some of these countries are hostile, or working conditions are poor for workers. You can own your energy and always know you are producing clean and American-made energy.


Potential Negatives of owning a Solar Energy System

Because this is a newer industry, there are not a lot of people who know much about it. We are doing our best to help inform people on the benefits of solar by offering free consultations and offering one-on-one conversations to allow you to ask any questions you may have.

Another common issue is location and available space. Solar panels do require a fair amount of square footage to receive a good return. The location in each installation makes a significant difference. A lot of factors come into play with the return as well as the incentives available. For example, Kentucky has always been a coal-friendly state that has helped to keep energy costs low; the state has recently been affected by law changes by the EPA and Federal Government which has caused the energy costs in our state to rise significantly. Also daylight hours across our country vary greatly, which will affect how much return you will get from your system.

The largest issue that we have faced are the upfront costs of a complete installation. The upfront cost in the past has been the largest deterrent of potential customers. We have done several things to solve this issue, such as lease-to-buy programs, loan programs, and also utilizing government incentives–which are taking a lot of the upfront cost away.

When investing in a Solar Energy System, it is just that–an investment. Unlike other investments, you will be able to predict your returns, all while saving the environment. So instead of investing in the stock market, you can invest in a tangible item that can be insured. We have entered into this industry with the belief that it will continue evolving and will be the future of the industry. So no matter the reason, protecting our environment or financial benefits, contact Hadley Energy Solutions today for a free consultation.