Our goal in lighting design is to provide the correct amount of light needed with better uniformity for a facility. In doing so, we will focus on reducing energy usage and saving the facility money. Whether you are in search of efficient lighting or are wanting a unique custom design, our design team will re-design existing lighting to meet these standards using more efficient fixtures.

Our design team will perform a comprehensive analysis of the facility locating where light levels need to be raised or lowered. New lighting layouts and 3D images showing new lighting levels will be formed to show the customer what we recommend. Lighting controls will be implemented into the design to reduce unnecessary energy usage throughout the facility. Our experienced install team will finish the project by executing a clean and fast install of the design. After the install is complete the facility will have a new, “green” look to it, while improving employee morale and safety.

If your facility is not bright enough for the type of work it does, or if you just think your facility is too dim in certain areas, contact us and we will meet your standards.