Lighting upgrades have the quickest payback time over any other energy reducing procedures existing. We can provide the most reliable equipment with a quicker payback at a cheaper cost than our competitors. Our goal in lighting retrofits is to provide our customers with an exceptional payback period and Return On Investment using new, reliable LED Lighting options. Our expertise in the application of LED products and controls will reduce the energy usage of a facility substantially showing an immediate result to the customer’s finances.

A lighting audit of the facility will be performed to figure out the best option to save the most energy and money possible. Recommendations as well as the Return On Investment will be presented to the customer in a detailed proposal explaining every upgrade. Our install team will execute the project quickly and in a safe and clean manner. The new LED lighting will give the facility a more appealing appearance, while improving the employee’s working environment, which will increase production at the facility. LED lighting increases the safety of the building as well.

Contact us if you want to improve your facility’s energy use and increase appeal to your customers and employees.